Kashiwanoha Campus ART Program



designed and made by

Kate Thomson


Cararra marble


Jun Mitsui & Associates Inc. Architects
Art Front Gallery
Park City, Kahiwanoha campus, Chiba, Japan

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Kashiwanoha Campus Art Project

gSpringh, gPrimavelah, gPrintempsh


This work is a series of "light" theme. Light when you consider the diversity of the dynamic life with a flash of brilliance full of "light" is the most impressive. Sheer brilliance of a young bud, plant leaves drenched in dew-drenched morning light like a grain of light. The fountain quiet deep in the forest flows real and profound mystery contains the hidden light. Such expressions of the various light as a sculptural expression to it. "Spring" in English, also means the word "fountain". This sculpture looks like a plant, trying to reach for the sun for growth and simultaneously conjures simmering fountain of life. "Primavela" means in Italian also "spring", but a literal translation of the word is "the creation of the first". In the inner life of a primordial connotative "light" to represent them. "Printemps"  have of the same diameter cylinder shape in three different configurations. Accordingly, swinging sense of rhythm and the series of activities with a sense of inner radiance of a by using transparent material for the expression.

These sculptures are made of different type of marble. Depending on the form and expression of different types have been used. "Spring" is made of Cararra Bianco marble known as fine surface and robustness (Italy). "Primavela" is also made of Cararra Bianco marble from different quarry in Cararra, but also has a more organic warmth and a different pattern. "Printemps" is made of Vulkan white marble (Greece) is a transparent, which make feel full of light.

Kate Thomson

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