Hironori Katagiri "Out of Abstraction"

August 3, 2012

Hironori Katagiri Out of Abstraction
date 3.August - 5.September, 2012
venue Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

"Out of Abstraction"

A celebration of the concept of abstraction.s.Exhibitiong artists:

Gordon Baldwin, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Claus Bjerring, Stacey Bentley, Dylan Bowen, Maurice Cockrill, Sonia Delaunay, Philip Eglin, Fiaz Elson, Sally Fawkes, Terry Frost, William Gear, Katy Hackney, Koji Hatakeyama, John Houston, Richard Jackson, William Johnstone, Hironori Katagiri, Susan May, Breon O’Casey, Jim Partridge and Liz Walmsley, Sir Robin Philipson, Barbara Rae, Wendy Ramshaw, Colin Reid, Jacqueline Ryan, Paul Scott