"Seventh Heaven" Kate Thomson

June 4, 2002

place Bansui Gallery, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan
date 4th - 9th. June, 2002

"Seventh Heaven"
Living in the countryside of north Japan where the seasonal, solar, lunar and stellar cycles are a very dramatic and beautiful part of the environment, I am constantly amazed at the difference in the colour of light from that in my home country - Scotland. The work in this exhibition explores the weekly, monthly and annual cycles with seven pillars of light: "The Longest Night", "Spring Equinox", "The Longest Day", & "Autumn Equinox" ; "Moon Dance" ; "The Book of Light" ; & "Midnight Sun" .

In daylight the sculptures catch the ambient light to act as sensors for daily variations. In electric light the free standing sculptures are lit from within by the latest technological development in diode colour kinetic lighting, which allows me to control the gradation of colour through the full spectrum.

Complementing the light sculptures are a series of wall mounted marble reliefs on the theme of seven days. These are abstract interpretations of the planets and elements associated with the different days of the week; drawing on symbolism and mythology from the founding cultures of Europe (Roman, Greek, Norse, Anglo Saxon) with reference to Ainu and Japanese culture to try and identify common threads in our interpretations of nature, time, and space.
Kate Thomson, May 2002