Kate Thomson and Hironori Katagiri

May 14, 2004

place spaceTRY, Shiroganedai, Tokyo, Japan
date 14th - 29th. MAY, 2004

Scottish sculptor Kate Thomson and Japanese sculptor Hironori Katagiri exhibit a unique cultural synergy of complementary yet very individual approaches to their work. While Thomson`s work gives tangible form to abstract concepts, Katagiri condenses complexity and dangerous beauty into pure abstract form.

"The only way to perceive space is to imagine limits to define it. Do the established limits we have constructed define us and our environment? I am interested in sculpture as language and philosophy, investigating the nature of being. A tactile poetry of space, form and light to explore perceptions of inner and outer limits. Working in stone, a material which was formed millenia ago, and living in Japan where the seasonal changes, typhoons, earthquakes and volcanic activity are a constant reminder that we inhabit a living breathing planet, make attitudes to our environment a very relevant concern. In the current international climate the way we respond to each other is an even more immediate concern. In this exhibition the series of marble ユduetsユ reflect the ambient light inside the space they define."
Kate Thomson

Katagiri`s black granite and basalt sculptures with their sharply cut edges and highly polished surfaces have a spirituality shining out from the inner essence of the material like the glint of a Japanese sword.
(Hiroshi Hirasawa, Chief Curator, Yorozu Tetsugoro Museum)